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Temptress by Rt-001

So, we meet again ms.shark.

As I mentioned on the other drawing of yours; I really like the face and how you make the expression work with the body. It gives of a strong feeling of presence in the drawing, and once again, I'm impressed. You are improving so fast, and this is one of my favorites from you so far!
The body looks really nice, and I kinda feel like we've caught her while she was dancing. You've done a good job on it. Your anatomy gets better and better!
I really like the background and the fire too, and the shading/light compliments it really well. It's easy to see that you took your time with this one, and it really paied off!

What I think could need a mit more improvement is the tail. Like I said on the other drawing; the tail is too high on her back. Try to lower it.
Her bra could also need some work. It make her look a little flatchested because you've drawn in like a triangle instead of shaping it after her breast. I decided to use Soot's picture as an example on how to do it: [link]
And last, the bellybutton. I think it's too low, and that you should try to draw it higher (not much, but a little).

And as I've mentioned countless of times before. Never give up on the good work you are doing. I enjoy looking at your art!
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Rt-001 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the critiques Heidi, I really appreciate them, I'll keep these things in mind next time I practice :)
Raiira Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome o3o
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